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A boutique tech & business consulting, advisory firm
Startup Acceleration
Scalable Web Product Development
Blockchain Consulting
Augmented and Mixed Reality
Investment Analysis
Growth Marketing & International Expansion
Leading resources that empower organizations to make the right decisions for profitability

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  • startup acceleration

    We believe knowledge is power - we provide resources across many domains to empower entrepreneurs and investors alike

  • augmented reality

    We provide consulting to startups, SMEs and large enterprises interested in leveraging our expertise in product building, scientific research, business strategy, fund raising and growth marketing

  • product strategy
    Grow with you

    We believe in forming a long term connection with the businesses we work with. Your success and growth is what motivates us - our method focusses on positioning you for long term success not just one time success

About Us
A dedicated team of engineers, entrepreneurs and business experts

At Aten Ventures, we are dedicated to bringing you success in projects across many domains of science and engineering. Whether you are seeking development help, product strategy help, help with fundraising, marketing help, technology consulting or looking to augment your workforce - we are here to help!

Who are we?

We are a distributed team; the increasingly connected world allows us to leverage experts spread around the world across many domains. We are technologically oriented and believe that good technology can solve problems around the world at scale. The team is comprised of individuals who have worked in or founded startups; individuals who have worked in top engineering, business and research universities in USA, Canada; individuals who have founded revenue generating technology businesses themselves; individuals who have worked at top companies. The team has a passion and that is to support businesses and organizations positioning them for long term success!


We're proud to be partnered to some of the best result-oriented companies that allow us to drive business and innovation

  • TekTorch.AI

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