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Aten Ventures LLC offers Venture Building as a Service (VBaaS). We look forward to working with startups, SMEs, and established firms working on products or services.
What we offer?
We help builders sell, and we help sellers build. And if you are an investor, we provide you the best insights into investment decisions.

Business Consulting
Business Consulting
Build a Global Business

"How do I validate my ideas?"

"What features should I prioritize in my MVP?"

"How do I make the most of limited resources and time?"

"How do I scale globally?"

"How can I benefit from Pareto Principle?"

"Can you help me with understanding Blockchain and building a crypto-economic system?"

"How can we grow 25% MoM?"

These are just some of the many questions we hear first-time entrepreneurs asking.

Having fun with the team
Revenue Operations

Build a Predictable Revenue Growth System

"We aren't able to pin- point customer segment for max protability"

"Finding it extremely hard to seperate ourselves from our competition"

"We want to enter international markets but don't have an idea or a good GTM for this"

"We struggle with generating consistent leads and growing demand for our products and services"

"We are unhappy with our marketing, sales and customer success systems and the results they are driving"

"We are able to get customers but they seem to leave"

"I watch some phenomenal content in my industry, I wish my company was capable of such thought leadership"

"We are just unhappy and unsure how we can grow in these uncertain times"

Virtual CTO with dedicated technology team
Virtual CTO with dedicated Technology Team
Powered by TekTorch

Every business today is a technology company.

"What tech stack is the best for my product?"

"How do I leverage AI to build a better tech product?"

If you are a business looking for an expert world class team to help you with scalable website development, AI/ML and blockchain development - our Virtual CTO offering is made for you.

We find that this is specially useful for non-technical founder led companies looking for digital transformation or augmentation.

Technology heavy companies with limited bandwidth and wanting to venture into cutting edge technology can benefit from this service as well.

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